Tuyển dụng

Who We Are

VILAF lawyers are some of the most experienced lawyers in Vietnam. Many of our lawyers have graduated at the top of their class and have pursued advanced law degrees in other countries such as the United States, England, Australia and New Zealand. Our lawyers are innovative thinkers, diligent workers and problem solvers. Although our lawyers spend many hours devoted to clients and finding them the most efficient and practical legal solutions, they take comfort in working alongside colleagues who are more like an extended family. In fact, the term “Vilafers” is a moniker our lawyers and staff use to describe themselves and binds us a group of determined individuals with a common sense of purpose. Our lawyers are always eager to learn and challenge themselves with new types of work, but also know how to balance their work life and home life as family is an important concept in VILAF. Our lawyers take great pride in our firm and are our best ambassadors to clients, law students, and the public.